Words from granddaughter,Vivi – “member when I cried when the play dough hair didn’t stay on my little pony?”

” well. I don’t do that anymore.” – and then we played with her new dominoes games. We lined them up, and I kept thinking  Vivi would start crying, but instead, she just laughed and laughed, and so did I! What a delightful time we had.


A Dark & Gloomy Night

Yes, it was a dark and dismal night in the middle of October.  The road ahead was filled with fog and doom.  I was the navigator ( these were the days before  Tom Tom).  My partner was listening to everything I said as per the instructions on our direction sheet.  I was using my trusty flashlight as there was no way to see anything with the fog getting thicker and thicker.

Finally, after an hour on this twisted thing they called a road, we reached our destination!  One look at this house that looked like the Bates Motel to me, I said to my partner, “I am NOT entering this place!  He said, “but we are the first ones here, and we will win a prize”.  You see, we were in a car club, this was a Halloween Party, and everyone that made it would get some sort of prize – spoil sport that I was, I made him take me home.  – who knows what sort of evil things were going on I there?

Dad chooses graham crackers

When Dad brought home all those wonderful Keebler cookies, like pecan sandies, chocolate fudge stripes,(which was one of my favorites), I thought he would like them too.  Guess what my Dad made for his snack at night?  Well, first he would get out the proper bowl – a tan ceramic thing that looked like a planter.  Then he would systematically crush about a dozen graham crackers – plain; add milk – wait til have turned to mush, and then – enjoy!! UGH.

Rides with Dad

I could not wait til Dad came home with his delivery truck!  This was going to be the highlight of my day.  The truck looked like a united parcel truck that we have today, but THIS was so much more fun for me!!  Dad would say “jump in” and off we would go.  The drive was about 7 miles from our home to the inlet in Atlantic City.  – but wait– I was standing the whole time, and trying to figure out where to hold on!  Have I mentioned, Dad would keep those sliding doors opened, so I could feel the breeze, along with the bump bump bump of this incredible ride.

We were driving in a Keebler biscuit truck.  This was a Dad’s time to decompress from a long day of deliveries.  I think that the company truly wanted him to bring this truck to Philadelphia to pick up the load, but he said no, have another guy bring it to Atlantic City, and he would make the stops from here. – they agreed!

I had no fear of falling out of this contraption, but just the wonderful feeling of having Dad to myself. Who knows what we talked about?  This was about 50 years ago now.  I was just 10 years old, a tiny slip of a girl with long, ash blonde hair and big brown eyes.  All I knew was that Dad would keep me safe, and could always make me laugh.  He was one of those tall, slim guys with kind blue eyes and light brown hair. – quite the looker!  He was a quiet man, but oh boy could he make you belly laugh once he let loose with one of his zingers! Oh my goodness, how we did laugh!

Friendly persuasion

What to do when your new company is going great, but you are feeling lousy?  Jo & Sally are still in Paris and they have word that their wooden surfboard company is really slamming in L.A.  They want to ad fashion into this venture somehow.  What about swimsuits that have sunscreen in them?!

Friends, continued

While in Paris, Sally and Jo feel so free.  Freedom from all the murderous ideas that Sally has for Cary.  Freedom for Jo that she can just enjoy the beautiful scenery with Sally, and get back to the business of being friends.

The Paris harden say that in their country, Cary would be, of course, guilty until proven innocent.

but, let’s not discuss this just yet.  Sally has a new business venture that she wants to talk to Jo about.

how about if Jo joins Sally in her startup business. – building wooden surf boards!

more later.

Friends to the end

Sally has decided that since it’s confirmed that Cary is the murderer of poor dear Charles, she will now disinherit him from her estate!  She is so done with him now.  Her life is miserable without Charles, but Sally has decided to enlist Jo ‘s help to get away, as far away as possible from Cary.

Cary has been sentenced to life in prison without parole.  Sally is very happy about this, but she must clear her head of all this dreariness, and take a holiday – the south of France sounds good right about now, so that is where she will go with Jo.

Friends or Murder?

Now that the murder of Charles has been confirmed, Sally is appalled that Cary would kill him. Why? Cary knew that Sally loved Charles ever so….is Cary as thick as a plank?  What possible motive could he have for wanting to destroy Sally’s happiness?

i’ll tell you what.  Cary is the reincarnation of the devil dog.  No, not that devil dog, that ooey ,gooey cake thingy.  The other one  — DEVIL DOG – the grand Marshall of a living, breathing huge, red burning devil of a man!  I say man for lack of a better word.  This sort of devil has been known to kill for no good reason.

His body is inhabited with all sorts  of negative thoughts and actions.  His strength is tremendous and he enjoys nothing more than to kill.

poor Cary – he truly had no idea of this beast within him!

more soon

Friends, oh sure

The dog, the dog, that was all Sally could mutter after her version of the murder of Charles. After much questioning on my part, we finally got down to what Sally meant by “the dog”.  She was referring to Cary, her cousin.

Now Cary, I feel, is a cad!  Why Sally would call him dog is because when they were little, she felt he looked liked a cute black dog- wavy hair, dark complexion, big brown eyes; and he was so pleasant, if he had a tail he would wag it.

Anyway, everyone knows that even the most pleasant dog can be evil.  It turns out cousin Cary was just that – evil!!

to be continued shortly …..